Having a robust data strategy significantly enhances performance. B2B marketers with high confidence in their data strategy are three times more likely than their less confident counterparts to have seen a significant increase in revenue in the last year.

This increased revenue is not the only advantage; confident marketers are also expanding to new audiences, executing more effective personalisation, and balancing authenticity while using AI in their go-to-market strategies.

Anteriad’s survey of 429 marketing leaders across North America, Europe, and APAC revealed insights into how marketers perceive their data strategy, reach evolving audiences, and foster authenticity and engagement while leveraging AI.

Data Strategy as a Revenue Catalyst

The survey found that 46% of marketers who are confident in their data strategy reported a significant increase in revenue, compared to just 15% of those who are less confident. This underscores the pivotal role of data in driving business growth. Engagement also emerged as a key focus, with 70% of marketers indicating that engagement is the most valuable scoring element for 2024. Quality data drives authenticity and better engagement across channels.

According to the survey, 58% of marketers are expanding their audience into new demographics and market segments. This shift highlights the necessity for marketers to adapt and leverage data for personalised, authentic interactions. The ability to cast a wider net is essential for maintaining relevance in a rapidly evolving market landscape.

Navigating AI and Authenticity

Balancing AI and brand authenticity remains a critical concern. Despite some apprehensions, most marketers believe it is possible to strike the right balance. Specifically, 49% of marketers feel confident in achieving this balance, while another 44% acknowledge it as a tightrope walk. This suggests that while AI offers valuable tools, maintaining authenticity requires careful management.

Previous research has consistently shown the importance of a strong data strategy. In 2022, it was found that two-thirds of marketers lacked a comprehensive data strategy. However, those with a solid strategy were three times more likely to meet their goals. The 2023 study reinforced this, showing that marketers confident in their data usage were three times more likely to report significant revenue increases. The current study builds on these findings, highlighting that confidence in a robust data strategy is crucial for success.

Authenticity Drives Engagement

Authenticity is a key driver of engagement. The survey revealed that 75% of best-in-class marketers prioritise authenticity in brand messaging, compared to 58% of their peers. Authenticity is ranked among the most important brand attributes by 59% of all marketers, surpassing customer-centricity, transparency, consistency, and innovation.

The survey identifies a group of marketers termed “Authenticity Acrobats” – 66% of respondents who consider authenticity in their brand messaging to a great extent. This group reports better outcomes, higher confidence in their data strategy, and more effective personalisation of campaigns. Notably, 54% of Authenticity Acrobats are extremely confident in their data strategy, compared to just 34% of other marketers.

Prioritising authentic experiences has tangible benefits. Authenticity Acrobats are significantly more likely to have seen substantial revenue increases last year and are twice as likely to expect significant revenue growth in 2024. They also excel in targeting and engaging the right audience through their data strategy, with 54% reporting extreme confidence in their data strategy versus 34% of other marketers surveyed.

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