TBD Media Group has announced the launch of its Innovation and Disruption Leaders campaign to showcase pioneers who have transformed their industries. Through interviews and articles, the campaign aims to highlight the journeys and achievements of disruptors and innovators across diverse sectors.

“Innovation fuels progress, while disruption catalyzes transformation towards a brighter future. At TBD Media, we are committed to cultivating a world where groundbreaking ideas flourish and industries undergo profound change,” said Paolo Zanini, CEO of TBD Media Group.

The campaign seeks to ignite conversations around innovation, uncover the mindsets and strategies behind successful disruptions, explore emerging technologies, and inspire others to challenge conventions.

According to Zanini, the initiative aims to fuel cross-industry collaborations and a global movement of forward-thinking disruptors reshaping the future. TBD Media invites industry pioneers, emerging disruptors, and aspiring innovators worldwide to participate.

“Together, we can shape a future where disruption is celebrated, innovation has no bounds, and extraordinary achievements become the norm,” Zanini stated.

The Innovation and Disruption Leaders campaign underscores TBD Media Group’s focus on thought leadership and the power of storytelling to drive innovation.

Companies featured in this campaign include:

Cyberbacker: Transforming Business Owner’s Recruitment Practices
Seco Mind: AI/Smart bots to augment your products, processes, and services
ZEISS: Enables leading researchers to find answers to society’s most pressing challenges
Topsoe: Pioneering the decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors through groundbreaking innovation that will fuel the energy transition
Property Finder: Empowering home search experiences for homeseekers
Fraktiq: Unleashing NFT Potential: Fraktiq’s Blockchain Innovations in MENA
Unipac: A technology-enabled food distribution company
SolarQuote: Transforming solar with AI and online accessibility for homeowners
MixJet: Shaping the Skies with Visionary Leadership and Bold Innovation
Giza Systems: Provides integrated designs and deployment of technology solutions
First Mills: A market-leading milling player, incorporating innovative solutions to produce the highest quality flour, feed, bran and wheat derivatives
NewFront: Modern insurance brokerage for the 21st century
Naseej: Enabling organisations to accelerate their digital transformation journey
Ditsch: With a passion for the best ingredients and quality, Ditsch brings products full of love and taste to the table – bite after bite.


For more information about the Innovation and Disruption Leaders campaign and the companies featured in the campaign, please visit https://www.globalthoughtleaders.org/innovation-disruption



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