London-based financial content agency, Rhotic Media, has secured a prestigious recognition at the UK Social Mobility Awards (SoMos) for its stellar commitment to bolstering UK’s social mobility.

The accolade was presented to Rhotic at a glittering ceremony held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London’s West End this past Thursday, 12 October. The event saw the gathering of notable business magnates, influential politicians, and passionate campaigners.

Central to Rhotic’s mission is the identification and support of diverse emerging talent in the realm of financial journalism and marketing. Their approach is rooted in broad-reaching efforts including school and college outreach drives, comprehensive paid internships and work experience opportunities, degree apprenticeships, and returner programmes.

Rhotic’s Social Mobility Initiatives

As a firm advocate for social mobility, Rhotic Media proudly affiliates itself with the Social Mobility Foundation. Moreover, it’s an active participant in the 10,000 Black Interns and reboot. diversity programmes. Over the recent year, Rhotic’s commitment to fostering talent has seen them employ degree apprentices across various locations including Essex, London, Kent, and Warwickshire.

Joe McGrath, the visionary Founder and CEO of Rhotic Media, commented on the achievement, saying, “Developing a social impact strategy within a bootstrapped, small business demands unwavering resource commitment and unanimous support from the team. Over the past year, our dedicated colleagues have reached out to educational institutions in some of the UK’s most underprivileged regions, paved the way for promising individuals from unconventional backgrounds, and offered pro-bono services on collaborative projects aiming to elevate the social mobility narrative. We take immense pride in spearheading this cause in our industry and pledge to enhance our efforts in the forthcoming year.”

Culture and Employee Development at the Forefront

Elizabeth Pfeuti, Rhotic Media’s Chief Client Officer, shared insights into the company’s ethos: “We place significant value on nurturing our organisational culture and celebrating the progress and accomplishments of our staff members. We firmly believe that our growth trajectory is a testament to the conducive environment that honours the unique skills and diversities of our team. Hence, it’s a matter of immense pride for us to be crowned as the winner in the ‘Startup’ segment of the Social Mobility Awards. Our zeal remains undiminished, and we’re resolute in our endeavour to equip the youth with practical exposure to the financial services domain, a move poised to enrich their professional journeys and the sector at large.”

A Glimpse at the SoMos

The SoMos Awards extends its platform to a broad spectrum of UK entities, encompassing private and public sector corporations, educational institutions like universities, schools, and colleges. The award aims to spotlight those making a tangible impact on UK social mobility via their business pursuits.

In its journey since its inception in 2018, Rhotic Media reached the pinnacle by being a finalist in the “best start-up” category. The competition was fierce with contenders like Snoop (a brand under the aegis of Vanquis Bank), Decipher Cyber, the VR Hive, and Copy & TV.

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