Publicis Groupe EMEA takes a strategic leap into the dynamic B2B landscape with the introduction of Publicis Pro, a comprehensive B2B offering aiming to reshape the way international business audiences connect and engage.

In a strategic move, Publicis Groupe EMEA unveils Publicis Pro, a sophisticated B2B offering that seamlessly integrates the capabilities of Octopus Group, an agency acquired by Publicis Groupe UK three years ago. This initiative leverages the collaborative strength of Octopus Group, renowned for its B2B expertise, with the extensive resources of Publicis Groupe.

With a core team of 60 professionals based in the UK and access to a vast pool of 400 B2B specialists worldwide, Publicis Pro aims to provide clients with a comprehensive suite of services spanning strategy, creative, influence, and commerce. The strategic focus of Publicis Pro encompasses key markets, with particular emphasis on the UK, Germany, and France.

Adapting to Global B2B Dynamics

The B2B landscape has undergone rapid transformation, evolving into a more interconnected and globalized entity. Publicis Pro positions itself as a catalyst for change, poised to better serve international business audiences by offering new data and marketing services. The launch aims to propel growth for global B2B and B2B2C clients while establishing Publicis Groupe as a hub of excellence within the EMEA region.

Publicis Groupe’s acquisition of Octopus in 2021 marked a pivotal moment in bolstering its B2B capabilities. Over the subsequent years, Octopus Group achieved significant milestones in B2B sectors such as tech and telecoms, financial services, logistics, and manufacturing. The client portfolio expanded to include prominent names like Sharp Europe, Smartsheet, Rolls Royce, and Twilio.

Demet Ikiler, CEO of Publicis Groupe EMEA, expresses the group’s vision, stating, “We want to make Publicis Groupe a centre of excellence for B2B clients, and to better serve our existing B2C clients who require B2B expertise. By building out Publicis Pro across our key markets in the region, we are already uncovering exciting new growth opportunities.”

Future-Ready Services and Collaboration

Publicis Pro, under the leadership of CEO Jon Lonsdale, charts a course for future growth and innovation. Lonsdale envisions Publicis Pro as the next phase in Octopus’ evolution, unlocking enhanced access to talent, technology, and data. The offering aims to scale and augment existing services across Publicis Groupe, introducing cutting-edge tools, including AI, tailored for complex B2B audiences.

Tom Pepper, Senior Director at LinkedIn, EMEA & LATAM, comments on the industry’s evolution, stating, “The launch of Publicis Pro is a testament to how the industry has evolved to recognise the unique expertise needed in B2B.”

LinkedIn expresses anticipation for a collaborative partnership, leveraging its B2B-ready products and professional insights to drive value for Publicis Pro clients.

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