Paysend, a global fintech leader in international money transfers, has joined forces with Currencycloud, experts in simplifying business in a multi-currency world, in a significant expansion deal aimed at broadening Paysend’s services globally.

The collaboration will empower Paysend with enhanced FX and treasury capabilities, positioning Currencycloud as a pivotal partner for cross-border money movement flows across key regions like the US, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific. This strategic alliance underscores Paysend’s commitment to streamlining global money transfers and fostering inclusivity in financial transactions.

Enhanced Customer Offerings

As part of the deal, Paysend customers will gain access to multi-currency wallets, enabling them to hold up to 34 currencies within a single app. Moreover, Paysend users will benefit from expanded payment options via the Swift network, augmenting the platform’s extensive global coverage and providing customers with greater flexibility and choice in their financial transactions.

Expanding its remittance services in the UK, EU, Canada, and the USA, Paysend will leverage Currencycloud’s expertise in working with innovative digital remittance firms. By tapping into Currencycloud’s experience, Paysend aims to offer cost-effective, equitable, and transparent remittance solutions to its customers, facilitating seamless cross-border transactions to over 180 countries worldwide via Swift and local payment networks.

Visionary Collaboration

Ronnie Millar, CEO and co-Founder of Paysend, emphasised the shared vision driving the partnership’s success, highlighting both companies’ dedication to simplifying the global money transfer landscape and promoting financial inclusivity. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in Paysend’s mission to empower individuals and businesses worldwide through accessible and efficient financial services.

Looking ahead, Currencycloud will extend its support to Paysend in launching new consumer-facing products and services slated for release in late 2024. This strategic partnership underscores the mutual commitment of both organisations to drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and foster financial empowerment on a global scale.

The collaboration between Paysend and Currencycloud heralds a new era of enhanced financial capabilities and expanded service offerings, propelling both entities towards achieving their shared goal of revolutionising the global fintech landscape.

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