In its commitment to responsible and comprehensive use of emerging technology, OLIVER, the in-housing and marketing ecosystem specialist, has announced the formation of a global AI Council.

This strategic move is in line with OLIVER’s self-governance policy, ensuring a balanced and ethical approach to the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence (AI).

The newly formed OLIVER AI Council comprises leaders from within OLIVER, key clients, and industry experts. This diverse assembly ensures a 360-degree perspective on the deployment of AI in marketing and business operations. The Council convenes monthly to review the latest industry developments, covering technology, ethics, marketing, and talent aspects. The insights gathered will shape OLIVER’s approach to AI usage, impacting both internal teams and clients.

Key Outputs and Initiatives

The OLIVER AI Council focuses on several key outputs to foster education, collaboration, and responsible AI adoption:

  1. Case Study Reviews:
    • The Council systematically reviews recent case studies and learnings to encourage education and collaboration. This initiative aims to provide a practical understanding of AI applications for the benefit of clients and industry peers.
  2. Roundtable Discussions:
    • Engaging in roundtable discussions, the Council addresses topical issues and market developments. This facilitates a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights, contributing to informed decision-making.
  3. Policy Impact Assessment:
    • Regular reviews of impacted policies, guidelines, and guidance are conducted to ensure alignment with the evolving landscape of AI. This proactive approach enables OLIVER to adapt swiftly to changes and advancements.
  4. Publishing Insights for Industry Support:
    • Findings and insights derived from the Council’s deliberations are published to support the broader industry on their AI journeys. OLIVER aims to contribute valuable knowledge to aid responsible AI adoption.

Leaders Steering the Initiative

Simon Martin, Founder and Chief Executive of OLIVER and Inside Ideas Group (IIG), expressed the council’s foundational belief: “To get AI right, we need to be very conscious of how we use this technology in its infancy.” The global OLIVER team spearheading this initiative includes key figures such as Richard Stainer, CEO, Global Clients, IIG; Jason Bailis, Global COO, OLIVER; Rodrigo Sobral, Global Chief Creative Officer, OLIVER and IIG; Peter van Jaarsveld, IIG Global Head of Production; Rachel Hatton, Global Chief Strategy Officer; and Amina Folarin, CEO, UK Group.

Jason Bailis, Global COO, OLIVER, highlighted the internal governance policies, emphasizing that all OLIVER employees undergo mandatory training on AI compliance as part of their standard onboarding schedule. OLIVER’s comprehensive AI suite includes Pencil Pro, an enterprise-level generative AI product, OLIVER AI briefing tool for frictionless brief generation, and the OLIVER AI Chat tool for brand and output format trained chat.

Towards a Shared Framework for Responsible AI Use

Peter van Jaarsveld, Global Head of Production and AI Council member, stressed the boundless potential of AI but also acknowledged the considerable risks. He noted, “In the absence of official legislation, it’s down to them and their agency partners to embrace AI safely and set up a shared framework for responsible use.”

The OLIVER AI Council stands as a testament to OLIVER’s commitment to steering the responsible and ethical course of AI integration in the marketing landscape.

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