In a strategic move aimed at bolstering its global marketing automation endeavors, MarCloud Consulting, a prominent marketing automation consultancy and technology firm, has officially declared its partnership with Sinch, the international customer communications cloud company known for facilitating meaningful interactions between businesses and customers.

MarCloud’s collaboration with Sinch focuses on driving the latter’s worldwide expansion, leveraging MarCloud’s specialized proficiency in Salesforce to optimize the implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly known as Pardot). This optimization holds significant importance due to Sinch’s extensive utilization of Salesforce technology across its diverse business units. Impressively, MarCloud has already yielded substantial improvements for Sinch by streamlining operational processes and enhancing lead management sourced from external partners. The partnership’s trajectory is set to maintain this momentum, supporting Sinch’s global marketing automation initiatives and augmenting the capabilities inherent within the company’s existing marketing automation resources.

Sinch’s Vice President of Global Marketing Operations, Phillip Ludgate, expressed his confidence in MarCloud’s capabilities, stating, “MarCloud clearly understands the requirements we have at Sinch and will help us deliver the growth that is our goal. We were very impressed with their range of skills and more specifically, their team’s knowledge and understanding of Salesforce technology and use cases. We know MarCloud will find a solution to any challenges we have around Account Engagement.”

A dominant player in the Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) sector, Sinch manages over 600 billion engagements annually, providing support for messaging, voice, and email services. With a robust network of mobile operator connections and a presence in 64 countries, Sinch offers a comprehensive customer engagement portfolio tailored for the SME market. By offering cloud communication services, Sinch empowers businesses to employ the most fitting communication channel for various interactions, such as using emails for order confirmations, text messages for package delivery updates, and voice calls or WhatsApp for customer service concerns.

MarCloud’s Founder and CEO, Tom Ryan, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership’s potential, stating, “With our focus on quality and innovation, we are looking forward to helping Sinch increase the reach and efficiency of its Salesforce marketing solutions, to engage its clients even more effectively and above all – to grow faster. We are very excited to bring our marketing automation expertise to Sinch which has achieved so much in the CPaaS sector and like us, is set to grow much further.”

Sinch’s inclusion in MarCloud’s expanding roster of global clients is set to fortify its presence in various countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, Sweden, UK, Finland, Denmark, and several other European nations. This collaboration adds to MarCloud’s already impressive client list, which features notable names such as McCain, LR, JCB, Clarksons, and Bruntwood.

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