Intuit Mailchimp (Nasdaq: INTU), recognised as a leading email marketing and automation brand, has unveiled its latest global brand and product campaign titled, ‘Turn Clustomers Into Customers’. This initiative was conceptualised and developed by the brand’s in-house agency, Wink Creative, which was honoured as Ad Age’s 2023 In-House Agency of the Year. Collaboration also came from Pretty Bird, director Calmatic, and Breakfast for Dinner.

Commenting on the motivation behind the campaign, Jeremy Jones, Group Creative Director at Intuit Mailchimp, remarked, “We identified that our advanced marketing customers’ predominant challenge was efficiently personalising at scale. This inspired us to present this concern in a relatable manner. Hence, the Clustomer concept emerged, representing a collective of diverse customer behaviours perceived as one.”


Understanding the ‘Clustomer’ Concept

While many marketers believe they face a ‘Customer’ issue, it’s more of a ‘Clustomer’ challenge. This arises when there’s an inability to adequately segment and personalise marketing messages, leading to ‘CLUSTOMERS’ – an indistinct mass of customers all receiving identical marketing communication.

However, there’s a silver lining. Mailchimp offers enhanced marketing tools to aid marketers in navigating away from the ‘Clustomer’ issue. Marketers can even experience up to a 141% revenue spike using AI-predicted segments. To further this endeavour, Mailchimp recently introduced Intuit Assist, a generative AI assistant designed to assist in crafting emails, thereby conserving valuable time.

Additionally, over 150 fresh and revamped features have been launched this year. These encompass advanced segmentation, tailored reporting, expanded e-commerce automations, customer journeys, and improved support alternatives. Such tools streamline the email creation process, bolster e-commerce expansion, and provide more targeted marketing efforts.

Mailchimp’s pioneering personalisation tools, underpinned by real-time behavioural data and automated prompts, enable marketers to:

  • Achieve up to 7x more orders via automated journeys.
  • Employ over 50 behaviour-centric triggers for enhanced personalisation.
  • Segregate using state-of-the-art AI instruments for up to 141% added revenue.


Campaign’s Artistic Vision

Aiming at proficient marketers worldwide, the campaign seeks to create a dreamlike realm that mirrors the emotions marketers undergo whilst navigating various stages of the traditional marketing funnel.

For instance, during the initial phase of drawing potential customers, marketers might feel overwhelmed and perplexed, which is symbolised by the ‘Clustomer’ ball imagery. As awareness grows among the target audience, the campaign’s imagery shifts to convey emotions such as liberation and elegance.

Lastly, when marketers achieve the conversion of prospective customers, elucidating their ‘Clustomer’ predicament, the visuals offer a sense of stability and neatness. This encapsulates the efficiency and systematic approach introduced by Mailchimp’s AI-integrated marketing and automation tools.


Mailchimp Clustomer_ Build Timelapse

Mailchimp Clustomer Build Timelapse

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