Last week, Google hosted its annual Cloud Next conference, where the tech giant rolled out numerous artificial intelligence updates and announced expanded partnerships centered around generative AI. In his keynote, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said over 100,000 developers are actively using more than 100 AI models through Vertex AI, Google’s platform for building, training and deploying machine learning models.

Generative AI was a major focus at the event. Pichai noted millions are now utilizing generative features in Google Workspace. Vertex AI saw new capabilities added for verticals like healthcare through Med-PaLM 2. Duet AI, Google’s conversational AI platform, expanded to more products including Looker, BigQuery and Dataplex.

Alongside developments, Pichai emphasized the need for oversight. A new “digital watermark” was unveiled to better distinguish computer-generated images and content from authentic works.

Executives from top brands joined Google on stage, like GM discussing AI integrations in vehicles. Six Flags announced plans to integrate Google’s tools into mobile apps to power personalized chatbots and recommendations. Others highlighted included IHOP, Urban Outfitters, Estee Lauder and GE Appliances.

The event preceded other notable AI conferences from players like Apple, Salesforce, Meta and Adobe. It illustrated how generative AI is proliferating applications across industries while major tech firms continue rapidly innovating their platforms to both advance and advocate forresponsible development of this transformative technology.

Announcments Most Relevent to Marketers

Several of the announcements from Google Cloud Next 2023 would be relevant for marketing professionals:

Updates to Duet AI and how it can now be used in Google Workspace, Looker, BigQuery, and Dataplex. This includes the ability to automatically create presentations and draft longer personalized emails/replies using Duet AI, which could help marketers with content creation and customer communications.

New capabilities for BigQuery like accessing datasets from hundreds of providers and new model inference features. This expanded data and advanced analytics could help inform marketing strategies and insights.

Partnerships between Google Cloud and brands like GE Appliances, Estee Lauder, Fox Sports that are exploring uses of generative AI for personalized consumer experiences, marketing content creation and engagement. This shows how AI is benefiting marketing functions.

Six Flags announcing plans to integrate Google’s generative AI tools into their mobile apps to power personalized chatbots and recommendations. This is an example of how AI can enhance digital customer experiences and interactions.

Expanded capabilities of Vertex AI and new AI models/features that could be applied to various marketing problems regarding content, campaigns, customer segmentation etc.

In total Google made 161 announcements – you can find the complete list here!  You can watch the presentations here.

Opening video for Google Cloud Next ‘23 Keynote


Image: Google CEO Sundar Pichai speaking at Google Cloud Next 2023

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