Google Cloud has introduced a suite of groundbreaking AI and generative AI-powered technologies designed to reshape the retail industry.

These innovations aim to facilitate personalised online shopping experiences, modernize operational processes, and revolutionize in-store technology deployments.

In response to the evolving needs of retailers striving for efficiency and enhanced consumer experiences, Google Cloud launches a range of practical and potent tools. The move comes ahead of NRF 2024, the retail sector’s premier event, showcasing the tech giant’s commitment to empowering retailers globally.

Empowering Conversational Commerce with Generative AI

Google Cloud’s new conversational commerce solution empowers retailers to seamlessly integrate generative AI-powered virtual agents into their websites and mobile apps. These virtual agents engage in nuanced conversations with shoppers, offering personalised product recommendations based on individual preferences.

The solution, compatible with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, ensures a swift deployment timeline of advanced conversational AI agents, a critical advantage for retailers seeking rapid implementation. The company also introduces a new Large Language Model (LLM) capability in Vertex AI Search for retail, delivering Google-quality search, browse, and recommendations tailored to digital storefronts. Retailers can custom-tune the LLM to their unique product catalog and shopper search patterns, significantly improving product discoverability and relevance.

Google Cloud also addresses core retail operations with two key solutions. The Customer Service Modernization Solution integrates with a retailer’s existing CRM system, deploying AI-based agents to enhance shopper self-service and engagement. It leverages advanced AI capabilities for language translation, offering a personalised customer service experience. Additionally, the solution aids retailers in consolidating internal information, providing real-time responses, and synthesizing shopper sentiment across various channels.

The Catalog and Content Enrichment Solution streamlines the product cataloging process, automating the creation and analysis of product images, descriptive text, and content generation. This solution alleviates the time and cost burdens associated with catalog management for retailers.

A Revolution for In-Store Technologies

Google Cloud’s hardware and software offering, Google Distributed Cloud Edge, is tailored for retailers looking to modernize in-store technologies. Designed for low or no internet connectivity at brick-and-mortar locations, it allows retailers to run software, including AI and machine learning capabilities, with low-latency. The fully-managed solution also offers scalability, enabling retailers to deploy next-generation applications seamlessly.

Google Cloud’s generative AI solutions are set to be available in the first quarter of 2024, while the LLM capability in Vertex AI Search for retail is now available in public preview. Google Distributed Cloud Edge for retailers is expected to be generally available in the first quarter of 2024. Additionally, attendees of NRF 2024 can explore these innovations further at Google’s event booth #5606.

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