In a recent announcement, Getty Images, a leading global visual content creator and marketplace, unveiled its latest offering: Generative AI by Getty Images. This innovative tool combines the company’s top-tier creative content with cutting-edge AI technology, ensuring a commercially safe generative AI experience for users.

Generative AI by Getty Images is built upon the advanced Edify model architecture, a component of NVIDIA Picasso, a renowned foundry for generative AI models dedicated to visual design. The tool’s training is exclusively based on Getty Images’ extensive creative library, which encompasses exclusive premium content. This ensures full indemnification for commercial use.

Furthermore, this AI tool complements Getty Images’ comprehensive range of services. It integrates effortlessly with the company’s vast collection of genuine and captivating visuals and Custom Content solutions. This synergy allows clients to enhance their entire creative journey, ensuring they find the perfect visual content for every requirement.

A Commitment to Intellectual Property and Commercial Needs

Craig Peters, CEO of Getty Images, expressed the company’s enthusiasm about the new tool. He stated, “We’re excited to launch a tool that harnesses the power of generative AI to address our customers’ commercial needs while respecting the intellectual property of creators.” He further emphasised the company’s dedication to creating a responsible tool that instils confidence in visuals generated by AI for commercial applications.

Clients who produce and download visuals using this tool will benefit from Getty Images’ standard royalty-free license. This includes representations, warranties, unlimited indemnification, and the right to perpetual, global, non-exclusive use across all media platforms. Notably, content generated via this tool will remain exclusive and won’t be incorporated into existing Getty Images and iStock content libraries for licensing. Additionally, contributors will receive compensation for the inclusion of their content in the training dataset.

Addressing the Rapid Evolution of Generative AI

Grant Farhall, Chief Product Officer at Getty Images, highlighted the company’s responsive approach. He mentioned, “We’ve listened to customers about the swift growth of generative AI – and have heard both excitement and hesitation.” Getty Images has been deliberate in the development of this tool, aiming to offer a service that empowers brands and marketers to confidently harness AI, expanding their creative horizons. At the same time, it ensures fair compensation for creators whose visuals contribute to the foundational training sets.

Integration and Future Enhancements

Currently, Generative AI by Getty Images is accessible on Clients also have the option to incorporate the service into their existing operations and applications via an available API.

In upcoming updates, users will have the ability to personalise Generative AI by Getty Images using their proprietary data. This will allow them to generate images that resonate with their distinct brand style and language. These enhancements, among others, are slated for release later this year.


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