A recent study by influencer marketing agency Billion Dollar Boy has revealed a significant surge in marketing spend on generative AI creator content, with seven in 10 marketers increasing their investment in this area last year.

The research, conducted among 6,000 marketers, creators, and consumers in the UK and US, indicates a growing trend towards leveraging generative AI in marketing strategies.

According to the study titled “AI as a Creative Muse: How Generative AI is Influencing the Creator Economy,” 70% of marketers are planning to further boost their spend on generative AI creator content this year. This shift in budget allocation could lead to a redistribution of resources, as 65% of surveyed marketers indicated that the funds will be sourced from other marketing channels.

High Adoption and Optimism

Generative AI adoption is prevalent among marketers, with 92% having commissioned generative AI creator content, while 91% of creators have used it in their content creation process. Moreover, the study found that 65% of marketers are willing to pay more for content designed using generative AI compared to traditional creator content.

While marketers and creators express optimism about the potential of generative AI to positively disrupt the creator economy (75% and 69% respectively), consumer sentiment is more cautious. Despite this, consumers are twice as likely to agree than disagree that generative AI will have a positive impact on the creator economy.

The research also unveiled demographic variations in preferences towards generative AI content, with younger age groups showing a greater preference for this type of content. Additionally, US consumers are more optimistic about the positive disruption of generative AI compared to their UK counterparts.

Becky Owen, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Billion Dollar Boy, emphasised the need for responsible and intentional implementation of generative AI. While acknowledging its potential to enhance content quality and diversity, Owen highlighted concerns around the technology’s misuse, urging brands and creators to utilise it responsibly.

The findings come in the wake of Billion Dollar Boy’s launch of Muse, an innovation unit exploring the impact of emerging technologies, underscoring the agency’s commitment to understanding and harnessing the potential of AI in the marketing landscape.

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