Exclaimer, a prominent player in the email signature solutions industry, has introduced a renewed brand identity, placing a strong emphasis on the needs of its community – the valued customers and employees who possess a deep understanding of the platform. The decision to revamp the brand was driven by a desire to align with the company’s core values, target audiences, and long-term strategic objectives. Collaborating with the renowned brand agency, Koto Studio, Exclaimer sought to create a fresh brand image that would effectively embody its role within the engagement marketing domain.

Having served over 50,000 businesses worldwide since its inception in 2001, including prominent names like Sony, Mattel, NBC, and the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, Exclaimer’s new branding aims to convey a sense of capability and confidence, reflecting the trust it has garnered over the past two decades. The three fundamental pillars of the brand – “Trust,” “Connect,” and “Grow” – form the foundation for creating impactful engagement opportunities for businesses globally. The primary color palette, consisting of navy, cream, lilac, and white, was carefully chosen to provide a clean and contemporary aesthetic. Additionally, ripple graphics have been incorporated into the imagery, empowering Exclaimer users by placing them at the center of the visual effect.

Carol Howley, Chief Marketing Officer at Exclaimer, commented on the brand refresh, stating, “With marketers looking to do more with less, email marketing, particularly email signature engagement, is gaining prominence. Upon careful evaluation, we realized there was a real opportunity to prioritize our customers and better engage with a wide-ranging audience spanning branding, communication, engagement, and demand generation.” Howley further added, “Koto Studio was the ideal partner to bring our vision to life. They understood our desire for a contemporary and clean design that reflects the direction of our company, and they delivered. We are truly excited about what we have created and look forward to rolling it out in the coming weeks.”

Joe Ling, Creative Director of Koto Studio, explained the strategic positioning and visual brand of Exclaimer, emphasizing the aim to amplify the power of email. Ling said, “Our core objective was to create a brand with a clear visual mechanic that reflects this amplification. We used a ripple effect to symbolize the concept of amplification, which runs throughout the entire identity, from the new strategic positioning to the logo and even the smallest brand touchpoints, such as the illustration suite. This approach helped us create a visually compelling identity that aligns with the company’s strategic goals. Our successful collaboration with the Exclaimer team has resulted in a brand that will empower them to unlock the power of email well into the future.”

Exclaimer’s platform, designed for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Exchange, enables businesses to harness the potential of email signatures as a vital digital advertising channel. Recognizing that email signatures represent more than just a simple sign-off, Exclaimer offers businesses the opportunity to present a consistent brand identity and enhance valuable personal interactions between companies and their audiences. With branding at the core of its operations, Exclaimer recognized the need for a refreshed brand that resonates with all corners of the engagement marketing industry, not solely those with purchasing power.

Marco Costa, CEO of Exclaimer, expressed the company’s motivation for the rebrand, stating, “We aimed to broaden our appeal beyond the IT audience and connect with those who could genuinely benefit from our platform. We identified our website as a critical touchpoint for potential customers and understood the importance of having a brand that would resonate with them. We wanted an identity that would convey our expertise, improve communication, and effectively engage our target market. We believe this rebrand achieves exactly that.”

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