In a bid to champion diversity and inclusion in higher education and the global business landscape, ESMT Berlin has announced a series of scholarships designed to empower women aspiring for leadership roles in C-level and advanced management positions.

The scholarships, available for various executive education programs, aim to provide financial support and academic resources to women excelling in senior leadership roles.

ESMT Berlin, committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, is offering full and partial scholarships for three flagship executive education programs: Bringing Technology to Market, Executive Transition Program, and the General Management Seminar. These scholarships are targeted at women preparing for top management positions, especially those leading corporate divisions or handling global responsibilities in B2B sales, with a special emphasis on female founders.

About the Scholarships

General Management Seminar (GMS)

Designed for women with proven leadership qualifications in private and public companies or non-profit institutions, GMS offers:

  • Two full scholarships of €20,500 each
  • Two partial scholarships of €10,250 each

Application deadline: March 17, 2024


Bringing Technology to Market (BTM)

Tailored for women managing business units or regional subsidiaries, responsible for new products, markets, or services in large global or regional corporations, BTM offers:

  • Two partial scholarships of €7,300 each

Application deadline: March 31, 2024


Executive Transition Program (ETP)

Particularly suitable for women who are about to assume, or have recently assumed, a senior executive position and who are entrepreneurial and responsible for results.

  • Two full scholarships of €28,600 each
  • Two partial scholarships of €14,300 each

Application deadline: August 18, 2024

Encouraging Leadership Excellence

By providing financial assistance and academic support, ESMT Berlin aims to encourage and empower more women to step into leadership roles, fostering an environment where they can make meaningful contributions to their industries. The scholarships align with ESMT’s dedication to creating a diverse and inclusive educational experience.

The scholarships signify ESMT Berlin’s ongoing commitment to bridging gender gaps in leadership and equipping women with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in executive roles.

For more information and application details, visit ESMT Berlin Scholarships.

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