Eskimoz, a frontrunner in European digital marketing, has taken another step in its European expansion by acquiring Semtrix, a prominent SEO and PPC agency based in Germany.

This move follows Eskimoz’s successful acquisitions of Sembox in Italy in 2021 and Digital Uncut in London in 2022, along with the establishment of new offices in Spain, reinforcing its stature as a key player in European digital acquisition.

Strengthening Position in the German Market

Strategic Growth: Eskimoz’s acquisition of Semtrix is a strategic move to fortify its presence in the German market. The integration of Semtrix brings 50 skilled digital specialists into Eskimoz’s 200-strong team, enhancing the agency’s capabilities in SEO and PPC. This acquisition further positions Eskimoz to provide tailored solutions and local support for international projects, solidifying its status as a major player in the European digital marketing landscape.

Expanded Expertise: Eskimoz plans to extend its SEO and PPC consultancy services to Semtrix’s clientele, leveraging data to deliver unparalleled services. Andréa Bensaid, CEO and Founder of Eskimoz, expressed the significance of this acquisition, stating, “Our acquisition of Semtrix is crucial to our continued expansion in Europe. Their expertise, customer portfolio, and standing in the German market will drive the next phase of our highly ambitious expansion.”

Strategic Vision and Ambitious Goals

Unwavering Ambition: Founded by Andréa Bensaid in 2015 with the vision to become the first self-funded unicorn, Eskimoz is on a trajectory to achieve a turnover of 100 million euros by 2029. Central to this ambitious target is the company’s aim for an organic growth rate of 20% across the entire Eskimoz group, increasing turnover to 36 million euros. To support this growth, Eskimoz plans to recruit over 40 new digital marketing specialists to augment its talented team.

International Presence: Headquartered in Paris, Eskimoz has international offices in Lyon, Bordeaux, Brussels, Madrid, Milan, London, and Dusseldorf. The company’s strategy focuses on local presence, supported by native consultants, to navigate the cultural intricacies of successful international marketing.

Leadership Perspectives

Optimism and Growth: Commenting on the acquisition, Jan-Nicolas Kulh, Founder of Semtrix, remarked, “Joining forces with Eskimoz is a huge step for Semtrix. Their expertise, notably in the realm of technology, will enhance our ability to offer the best digital acquisition strategy to our clients and further speed up our growth.”

Continued Expansion: Eskimoz’s expansion strategy remains relentless, guided by a commitment to innovation, expertise, and customer-centric solutions. The acquisition of Semtrix propels Eskimoz forward in its mission to lead the digital marketing landscape across Europe.

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