Cynozure, a data, analytics, and AI company, introduces AI Springboard, a suite of services crafted to guide organisations in exploring, preparing for, and implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Aimed at maximising clients’ AI potential, this suite is a strategic move by Cynozure to empower businesses in leveraging technology and data for substantial value.

Cynozure’s AI Springboard is strategically designed to bridge the gap in AI knowledge and implementation. Tailored workshops conducted at the board and executive levels are pivotal in elevating awareness and understanding among C-suite executives. By demystifying AI concepts and risks, Cynozure also ensures that businesses can embark on their AI journey with confidence.

Comprehensive AI Framework for Strategic Implementation

The AI Springboard suite incorporates Cynozure’s AI framework, providing a structured approach for clients to assess their readiness, formulate actionable plans, and develop prototypes for key AI use cases. This comprehensive framework not only streamlines the initiation of AI initiatives but also aids in building essential foundational capabilities.

Recognising that each client is at a unique juncture in their AI journey, Cynozure offers the AI Springboard suite both as a complete package and as individual stages. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor their adoption based on their current AI maturity level, ensuring a seamless integration of AI into their operations.

James Lupton, Chief Technology Officer at Cynozure and leader of Cynozure’s AI practice, said, “Our AI Springboard suite of services is designed to rapidly take our clients on this journey and get them delivering tangible outcomes so they’re ready to adapt and thrive. We are committed to ensuring our clients can capitalise on the opportunities they have in their organisations around data and AI as well as future-proof their operations.”

Upcoming Webinar: ‘Driving Business Value with AI’

To provide further insights into the transformative potential of AI, Cynozure is hosting a webinar titled ‘Driving Business Value with AI’ on 7th February 2024. The webinar will feature James Lupton, CTO at Cynozure, and Glenn Hofmann, Former Chief Analytics Officer at New York Life; interested participants can register for the event at

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