Launch Marketing, a provider of all-inclusive marketing services for business-to-business (B2B) technology-focused companies, showcases client achievements driven by the creation and implementation of B2B marketing strategies.

Dedicated to helping clients reach their marketing and business objectives, Launch Marketing offers tailored services to develop and execute integrated B2B marketing plans. These plans involve a personalised blend of marketing approaches and tactics aimed at connecting with and captivating a client’s specific target audiences. They serve as a guide for steering the development and implementation of each component.

Launch Marketing’s B2B marketing plans stages

Discovery Phase: In the initial phase of crafting B2B marketing plans, Launch Marketing delves into understanding businesses by conducting interviews with internal stakeholders, carrying out market research, and analysing the outcomes of past and present marketing endeavours. This process aims to gather comprehensive insights into a business, also laying the foundation for the formulation of B2B marketing plans.

Marketing Plan Creation Phase: Armed with the collected background information, Launch Marketing designs a bespoke marketing plan comprising integrated marketing campaigns and activities designed to meet business requirements and achieve key objectives. During this phase, the Launch Marketing team sets out the timeline and duration for implementing each activity, as well as defining budgets.

Marketing Plan Implementation Phase: Following approval of the B2B marketing plans, Launch Marketing’s full-service marketing team commences the execution phase, collaborating with organisations in various capacities to carry out marketing activities. The implementation phase focuses on propelling businesses forward through campaign execution, monitoring, and optimisation.

“Impactful B2B marketing plans require more than outlining activities to reach a specific audience; they demand strategic alignment, a deep understanding of the market, and meticulous execution every step of the way,” said Christa Tuttle, Founder and CEO of Launch Marketing. “At Launch, our comprehensive process, tailored approach and result-driven commitment to marketing plans ensures we not only reach the desired audience but also captivate them and drive conversions which results in increased business success for our clients.”

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