CMC Markets, a prominent global provider of online trading and platform technology, has unveiled its latest report titled ‘Retail Trading Trends 2024: The rise of influencers, AI and US centricity’.

The study sheds light on evolving trends in retail trading, indicating that for 24% of retail traders, trading is not merely a pastime but rather a viable pathway to leaving their current employment.

A Shift in Retail Trading Dynamics

The report underscores a significant shift in the demographic makeup of retail traders, with a majority (69%) commencing their trading journey within the last two years or during the pandemic. This surge in trading popularity reflects changing attitudes towards investment and financial independence among diverse demographics.

Influencers wield substantial influence over retail traders, surpassing even family members as trusted sources of trading advice for a third of respondents. Digital technologies have revolutionised trading practices, with mobile apps emerging as the preferred trading platform for half of retail traders.

Insights from Industry Experts

A notable trend highlighted in the report is the growing focus on US markets, with top companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Apple attracting considerable attention from traders. Additionally, the study reveals a keen interest in utilising AI tools among retail traders, with 59% expressing willingness to explore AI-driven trading solutions.

Jochen Stanzl, Chief Market Analyst at CMC Markets, commented on the evolving landscape of retail trading, emphasising the transformative impact of recent trends. He did also note the increasing significance of shorting IPOs, monitoring interest rate changes, and tracking major US companies as key priorities for traders in 2024.

CMC Markets’ comprehensive report, ‘Retail Trading Trends 2024: The rise of influencers, AI and US centricity’, offers in-depth analysis and insights into emerging trends in the retail trading landscape. The report is available for download, and provides many valuable insights for traders as well as industry stakeholders.

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