In a significant update, Canva, the renowned visual communication platform, has introduced a comprehensive music library. This development is a result of its collaboration with major music industry players like Warner Music Group and Merlin.

The library offers a vast selection of music clips from various genres, including pop, jazz, heavy metal, and disco. This feature aims to enhance content creation for Canva’s Pro and Education users.

Enhancing Visuals with Music

Canva now allows access to 60-second clips from commercially released songs for personal use in various formats such as videos, social media posts, presentations, and educational materials. This initiative, involving partnerships with Warner Music Group, Merlin, and other labels, marks Canva as the first visual communication platform to integrate commercially released music directly into the content creation process. This addition significantly expands the creative possibilities for users, enabling them to embed over half a million songs from artists like Michael Buble, Vance Joy, and Curtis Mayfield into their designs.

The Rise of Video in Social Media

The use of Canva for social media content creation, particularly video, has seen a rapid increase, correlating with the surge in video-based social platforms. Online video currently accounts for over 65% of global internet traffic. Canva has also witnessed a tenfold increase in designs using TikTok templates over the last year, highlighting the growing trend towards visual content. The inclusion of popular music is not only a boon for users but also benefits record labels and artists by providing them a platform to reach millions of creators and earn royalties from the use of their music clips.

“Music as a Powerful Tool for Self-Expression”

Silvia Oviedo, Head of Content, Discovery and Print at Canva, emphasizes the role of music as a universal language and a powerful medium for self-expression. She states, “Adding popular music to Canva is a natural evolution of our vision to put the entire visual communication ecosystem under one simple platform. We’re thrilled to give users a unique starting point and make it easy for them to add great music into their work.”

Utilizing the Music Library

The Canva Pro music library offers a diverse range of music from pop to jazz, and metal to disco, all accessible via the audio tab in the Canva editor. This feature enables DIY designers to personalize content like travel vlogs or wedding videos with their favorite songs. Content creators can now professionally edit short-form videos for social media and publish them across platforms with a single click. Additionally, teachers can make educational materials more engaging by incorporating music into lesson plans and homework materials.

Availability and Access

The expanded music library is currently available to Canva Pro and Education users in multiple countries, including the UK, the US, Canada, and several European nations. Small enterprises using Canva for Teams and Nonprofit users will soon have access to this feature. While free Canva users can browse the new music library, they need a subscription upgrade to utilize it in their designs. It’s important to note that the popular music library cannot be used for commercial purposes across all Canva account types.

Partnerships Driving Innovation

This year, Warner Music Group and Merlin entered into groundbreaking partnerships with Canva, now culminating in the availability of hundreds of thousands of songs in Canva’s music library. Rachel Scarpati, Senior Director at WMG, and Andrew Ludwick, Vice President at Warner Chappell Music, express their enthusiasm for the partnership, seeing it as a new revenue stream for artists and songwriters. Charlie Lexton, COO at Merlin, also highlights the excitement for Canva users to connect with the dynamic independent music from Merlin’s members.

Canva: A Decade of Design Innovation

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Canva has revolutionized visual communication by providing a comprehensive, user-friendly platform for social media content planning, creation, publishing, and analysis. The introduction of popular music is part of Canva’s record growth and expansion, adding new products and features and attracting over 65 million new users in the past year. With 16 million paying subscribers and 50 million Canva for Education users, Canva continues to fulfill its promise of offering an all-encompassing design capability on a single, easy-to-use platform.

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