B2B Rocks, Europe’s premier SaaS event, is set to return for its 2024 edition on September 25 and 26 at Station F in Paris.

This event, which is anticipated to attract over 3,000 professionals, targets SaaS leaders, founders, investors, and C-level executives from startups, scale-ups, and companies across the global tech ecosystem.

Over two intensive days, B2B Rocks 2024 will feature more than 60 conferences, keynotes, panels, and masterclasses, with 150 renowned speakers. The event aims to focus on growth and profitability within the rapidly evolving SaaS landscape.

Key Topics and Speakers

The editorial line-up for B2B Rocks 2024 covers various critical topics, including the impact of AI and automation on SaaS operations. Sanj Bhayro from Asana will address whether AI and automation could revolutionise SaaS to the extent of reducing sales, marketing, or IT teams.

The future of marketing will also be a significant focus, with discussions on whether traditional marketing practices are becoming obsolete. Speakers such as Alison Murdock from Trusted CMO, Ling Koay from Oneflow, Julie Farley from Semrush, and Julia Goelles from Parloa will share their insights.

Another critical topic is the resurgence of bootstrapping amidst the uncertain returns of major fundraising, presented by Bridget Harris from YouCanBookMe. Additionally, new alternatives to M&A as exit strategies will be explored by Dirk Sahlmer from saas.group and Thomas Smale from FE International.

Growth strategies will be a prominent theme, with sessions on RevOps and revenue architecture featuring Andreï Sochala from Aircall, Antoinet Van Dalen from Cegid, and Leandra Fishman from Apollo.io. Other important topics include pricing strategy with Andrew Davies from Paddle, operational efficiency with Stan Massueras from Lattice, and secrets for achieving significant growth from founders like Nathan Latka from Founderpath.

Innovative Formats for Real Conversations

B2B Rocks 2024 recognises the complexity of today’s tech challenges, which require in-depth conversations with peers to develop effective solutions. To facilitate this, the event will offer workshops designed for interactive participation, resembling small-group round tables where open dialogue is encouraged.

Moreover, B2B Rocks is implementing innovative technologies to create a targeted networking system. This system aims to help attendees meet like-minded professionals and exchange views on pertinent issues.

Collaboration with Paris SaaS Week

In a significant move, B2B Rocks is joining forces with Paris SaaS Week, providing its community with the opportunity to collaborate and brainstorm with participants from various sectors. This collaboration is designed to foster a broader exchange of ideas and insights, enriching the overall experience for all attendees.

With a comprehensive programme featuring industry leaders and innovative formats designed to encourage active participation and networking, the event aims to equip SaaS professionals with the knowledge and connections needed to navigate and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

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