Lesniak Swann, the industrial marketing agency, has secured the expertise of B2B marketing veteran Rob Morrice as its new chairman.

Morrice’s appointment aligns with the agency’s strategic plans for expansion, building upon its robust portfolio of international accounts featuring renowned brands like Michelin, Polypipe, Norgren IMI, Etex Group, and Caterpillar dealer Finning UK and Ireland.

Lesniak Swann recently achieved a significant milestone with a remarkable 31% annual growth in profits. The agency’s move to spacious new offices at the redeveloped Spode potbank in Stoke signifies its commitment to sustained expansion. With a thriving client base, the agency anticipates continued success in 2024 and beyond, and Rob Morrice’s strategic guidance is set to play a pivotal role in this trajectory.

Rob Morrice brings a wealth of experience garnered from successful leadership roles at Smarts and Stein IAS. During his decade-long tenure at Smarts, he elevated the agency from a startup to a £4 million valuation. His 18 years at Stein IAS witnessed the transformation of the agency into a revenue-generating powerhouse, generating over £15 million annually.

Industry Recognition and Client-Centric Approach

Alexander Swann, Managing Director of Lesniak Swann, expressed enthusiasm about Morrice’s appointment, citing his legendary status in B2B marketing. Swann highlighted Morrice’s impressive global agency development track record, particularly at Stein IAS. The agency’s success in sectors like construction and engineering aligns seamlessly with Morrice’s extensive industry knowledge.

Swann acknowledged the agency’s recent triumphs with significant client acquisitions and sustained impact for established clients. Morrice’s appointment is seen as a strategic move to guide Lesniak Swann through the next phase of growth. His familiarity with client sectors and invaluable experience is expected to enhance the agency’s capabilities and market positioning.

Rob Morrice expressed his eagerness to contribute to Lesniak Swann’s growth journey. His renowned leadership style and strategic insights are anticipated to play a crucial role in steering the agency towards continued success. Morrice’s reputation precedes him, and his immediate integration, marked by his signature ice machine, reflects a seamless fit within the agency’s culture.

Lesniak Swann’s strategic move in bringing Rob Morrice on board signifies a commitment to sustained growth, client excellence, and global expansion within the industrial marketing landscape.

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