Aqueous Digital’s marketing director, Kristian Bentham, has been distinguished with the ‘Marketer of the Year’ title at the 2023 Prolific North Marketing Awards. The award acknowledges the significant impact made by individuals in their respective sectors over a year and values creativity with demonstrated results. Kristian received the highest number of votes from both the judging panel and the public.

The awards ceremony, held at Old Trafford, the Manchester United Football Club’s home ground, was attended by Kristian and Ian Bold, the sales director of Aqueous. They were in the company of prominent professionals from Northern England’s marketing domain. Kristian, having joined the Cheshire-based digital marketing firm in 2020, has been instrumental in enhancing the Aqueous brand to draw new clientele and meet an aggressive revenue goal.

A recent inventive campaign led by Kristian stood out for the judges. The campaign featured a physical mailer, crafted to resemble an Apple MacBook, personalised for every target company. This innovative approach, coupled with Aqueous’ achievements at local and global stages in the past year, elevated the firm’s profile considerably.

Jonathan Guy, managing director at Aqueous Digital, expressed his admiration for Kristian’s efforts, “He is at the very centre of our push to change how the agency is perceived by potential customers, and it’s not a coincidence that we’re now attracting the attention of higher value customers and collaborating with larger enterprises than ever before. For that reason, he is thoroughly deserving of the title ‘Marketer of the Year’. We’re thrilled for him.”

It’s noteworthy that Aqueous Digital was also shortlisted in the Best Midsize Agency category.

Kristian Bentham’s Reaction to the Recognition

Upon receiving the award, Kristian was taken aback. “It’s taking time to sink in that I’ve won,” he remarked. He expressed his gratitude and surprise, particularly for an award determined in part by public voting. Being listed among the finalists itself was an honour for him, and clinching the award was an added delight. He jovially added, “I’ve got a lot to live up to now, haven’t I?!”

Aqueous Digital’s ascent in the marketing industry, spearheaded by talents like Kristian, has been noteworthy. The company’s focus on innovative campaigns, like the Apple MacBook-inspired mailer, has set them apart from the competition. Their achievements in various awards at both the local and international level in the previous year have further solidified their position in the industry. With recognitions like the ‘Marketer of the Year’ for Kristian and the nomination for the Best Midsize Agency, Aqueous Digital is undoubtedly making significant strides in the world of digital marketing.