In a significant move for B2B marketing, AdoptoMedia introduces a suite of enterprise-quality AI revenue forecasting and marketing planning services, targeting startups and SMEs globally.

The service, showcased at the MWC 2024 conference in Barcelona, aims to empower small to medium-sized businesses with the analytics and decision-making capabilities traditionally reserved for multi-billion dollar enterprises.

AdoptoMedia’s CheckMedia service aims to transform the landscape for startups, providing access to unparalleled marketing resource analytics and forecasting. Leveraging AI-driven models developed in-house over years of serving major enterprises, the platform seeks to bring a level of sophistication and transparency to marketing planning that was previously out of reach for smaller companies.

AI-Driven Platform with Transparent Forecasting

The AI-driven platform, equipped with advanced marketing mix models, ensures a seamless user experience through its LLM-empowered interface. It guides users in inputting data, which is then processed using symbolic AI. The forecasting AI models, known for their interpretability, can also be exported into Excel format, offering end-to-end calculation of forecasts. This transparency will provide decision makers with a clear overview of the current situation and short- and long-term growth projections.

Startups, often constrained by limited resources and time, face challenges in accumulating the data necessary for accurate forecasting. AdoptoMedia’s all-in-one platform, coupled with its consultancy experience, gives startups and SMEs a competitive edge previously reserved for large enterprises. In an economic climate where accurate forecasting is crucial, AdoptoMedia addresses the needs of fast-growing startups.

The initiative comes at a time when startups are grappling with economic challenges, and venture capital funds increasingly demand transparent growth forecasting for fair valuations. The failure rates of startups in 2023, combined with higher investor scrutiny, highlight the urgency for reliable forecasting. The long-term vision involves expanding its global footprint and positioning the platform as the go-to engine for marketing-driven companies of all sizes.

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