ZoomInfo has disclosed a significant expansion in its global business-to-business (B2B) data coverage. In recent years, the go-to-market platform, known for aiding businesses in finding, acquiring, and nurturing customers, has seen its database swell to include 321 million professional contacts spread across 104 million companies. This development provides clients with an extensive reach to business purchasers on a global scale.

In the past two years alone, ZoomInfo has amplified the quantity of global companies in its databank by over six times, while simultaneously tripling the total number of worldwide contacts and mobile phone numbers available to its patrons. Specifically in continental Europe, the platform has seen a 13-fold increase in its catalogue of mobile numbers, and a six-fold surge in the U.K.


Broadening International Outreach

With a series of substantial investments in its overseas data, ZoomInfo now grants its users access to more than 200 million business contacts in regions outside North America, covering territories like Europe, Asia, and Australia. This enlarged scope furnishes sales and marketing teams with an invaluable global advantage, facilitating a wider reach and empowering more potent tactics when eyeing international markets.

Sneh Kakileti, ZoomInfo’s Vice President of Product Management, emphasised the platform’s unique positioning. “We leverage our vast, proprietary contributory network and advanced functionalities to achieve a scale and quality of data that remains unparalleled,” he stated. Kakileti also noted the company’s concerted efforts in magnifying their offerings, especially in the EMEA region, ensuring global go-to-market teams can now more efficiently seal deals with clients around the world.


In-depth Data Assets

Beyond global contacts and company profiles, ZoomInfo’s investments have been extensive in its data assets. The platform now provides revenue organisations with:

  • Worldwide:
    • 174 million email addresses
    • 94 million mobile numbers
    • 70 million direct phone numbers
  • Outside North America:
    • 104 million email addresses
    • 45 million mobile numbers
    • 27 million direct phone numbers


Voices from the Field

Patrick Scully, the managing director at Kintec Recruitment, based in Manchester, expressed his satisfaction with the platform. Having collaborated with ZoomInfo since 2021, Scully observed, “ZoomInfo’s platform is exceptional — it stands out as the premier tool for sales and cold business development. I’ve leveraged it to finalise significant business deals within my area. The product’s excellence and the noteworthy enhancements in their global data coverage make our continued partnership exciting.”

AI-Driven Data Accuracy and Privacy

ZoomInfo deploys artificial intelligence technology to ensure higher precision in its contact and company data. Complementing this is a team of over 300 dedicated researchers, actively accumulating and confirming data. Each piece of information undergoes a rigorous multi-step verification procedure.

ZoomInfo also prioritises privacy, especially when catering to global enterprises and European entities. The platform not only adheres strictly to international norms like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) but also ensures seamless data rights exercises for individuals through the ZoomInfo Privacy Center. Furthermore, it incorporates features that enable the suppression of contact information of those who have opted out or registered with national Do Not Call lists, solidifying its commitment to privacy and compliance.

For more information on the data available within ZoomInfo, along with the benefits it provides companies of all sizes worldwide, visit ZoomInfo’s data hub.




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